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Listen to the voices of those who wish to effect real change in our 

country and the world on Our Outside View:

Be sure to tune in because you don’t want to miss this weeks podcast as we continue our discussion of Bloomington IN farmer’s market vs white supremacy vs city government when Helen talks with Primally Inspired Eats Wholesale Bakery owner and market vendor Brandi Williams.   Listen to episode 10

Freedom of speech, white supremacists, marginalized groups and threats of violence are under review when Abby Ang and Jeannine Bell join Helen for a discussion about the current status of the Bloomington IN Farmer’s Market. Abby is a PhD candidate at Indiana University and a community organizer who started No Space for Hate Bloomington to combat white supremacy in the Bloomington Community.  Jeannine Bell is a legal scholar and Richard S Melvin Professor of Law at IUB Maurer School of Law.  Tune in for an informative discussion episode 9. 

Helen has an enlightening and informative conversation with Executive Director of Shalom Community Center Reverend Forrest Gilmore. Shalom is a Bloomington IN based, low barrier shelter for the homeless and the services they provide are expansive and much needed. Listen in to hear the insights of a gentle and yet powerful individual whose dedication to people in need is unrelenting.  Episode 8

Learn about some of the local Bloomington IN happenings and perspectives when Helen chats with local singer, poet, DJ, Core Council member for Black Lives Matter B-town, Chair of the Endorsement Committee for Bloomington’s progressive political organization Democracy for Monroe County and social justice activist Jada BeeJada and Helen discuss everything from military assault vehicles and the militarization of police forces as a threat to marginalized groups, especially black communities, to the upcoming local primary elections, un-woke white folks and women ‘helpers’ in the fight for true equality, the need for restorative justice, advancements made - or not with LGBTQ acceptance locally, inherent racism in Indiana and at Indiana University Bloomington.....and everything in between!  Episode 7 of Our Outside View   14 April 2019

Get a crash course in grass roots organizing when Helen speaks with partner at Superior Blue Strategies and lawyer Stuart Rosenberg. Stu is a former Field Director for the Human Rights Campaign and was instrumental in defeating hateful anti-LGBTQ legislation.  He also served as campaign manager for openly gay Hoosier Senator J D Ford and Field Director for Senator Tammy Baldwin.  Episode 6 of Our Outside View 25 March 2019.

Catching up, reminiscing and moving forward when Helen chats with LGBT freelance graphic designer Joshua Sutton and his fiance’ National Promoter of Miss Gay USofA at Large Jeremy Burnett.  Can’t go wrong with a little history, some politics and drag talk - so check us out!   Episode 5 of Our Outside View 14 Feb 2019.

Sociocultural anthropologist, IU Law School graduate, attorney, Cherokee Indian and Assistant Professor  of Criminal Justice at Northwestern State University Rebecca Riall joins Helen for a trip down memory lane as well as a discussion about current events on Episode 4 of Our Outside View on 3 Feb 2019.

The 17th annual Bloomington Pride Film Festival (IN) was the weekend of 1-2 Feb. 2019, with new and exciting shorts as well as full feature films not to be seen anywhere else. Learn all about it when Bloomington Pride Board Chairperson Janae Cummings chats with Helen Harrell on Episode 3 of Our Outside View on 28 Jan 2019.

Michael Reece and Helen don't miss a beat from their time on bloomingOUT to the present with a great conversation and personal catch-ups on Episode 2 of  Our Outside View  on 21 Jan 2019.

Listen up folks! my conversation with local community activist and Black Lives Matter member  Vauhxx Booker on Episode 1 of Our Outside View on 9 December 2018.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.” 
― Elie Wiesel

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